For many children physical education class is their only opportunity to learn about the relationships among exercise, nutrition, and health. It is their only opportunity to engage in moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity. For young children it can be their only opportunity to acquire basic body management skills, like body-part identification, spatial awareness, and such abilities as stopping and starting on signal. Many a child has arrived in the early- and upper-elementary grades not knowing her elbows from her shoulders, unable to line up without getting too close to someone else, or lacking the ability to come to a timely halt when faced with an unexpected obstacle.

To overcome it we have state of arts toddlers’ gym, this is play for fitness zone, most enjoyable by kids. In this zone child will have a blast along with other kids & the nimble footed JETT. Safe and specially designed equipments in this toddlers gym helps children develop an early interest in fitness and sports skill.