Our Vision

To create a learning environment that foster not only the academic excellence, but build the strong foundation for independent thinking, problem solving consistently, creativity, out of box thinking, global outlook and above all a lifelong love for learning.


Our Goal

We realize that there are many pre-school and day-care centers to choose from and we know that choosing the right one can be painstaking decision for all parents. We firmly believe and assure that BUDDING FUTURE is an innovative, vibrant and dynamic early learning center where each one of us is committed to making child’s learning a joyful and meaningful experience.

Our goal is to revolutionize the education system so that children are imparted 'Education for Life' which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhances the talents and life skills necessary for the holistic development of the child.


Budding future’s - Social and Emotional Goal

  1. Children will engage in and maintain positive adult-child relationships and interactions.
  2. Children will engage in and maintain positive peer relationships and interactions.
  3. Children will display levels of attention, emotional regulation, and behavior in the classroom that are appropriate to the situation and the supports available.
  4. Children will learn and internalize (follow) classroom rules, routines, and directions.
  5. All children will develop and display a sense of self, confidence in their abilities, and a strong identity that is rooted in their family and culture.


Budding futures - Language and Literacy Goal

  1. Children will build, use, and comprehend increasingly complex and varied vocabulary.
  2. Children will use and comprehend oral language for conversation and communication.
  3. Children can identify and discriminate the sounds within words, as separate from the word itself.
  4. Children will use and understand print as a system of visible marks that represent the sounds within words and words themselves.
  5. Children will engage with literature in developmentally appropriate ways.
  6. Children who are dual language learners (DLLs) will demonstrate increased competency in their home language while developing proficiency in English.